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Marginal Gums (Gingiva Fixa)
In terms of gums, you differentiate between fixed gums or in Latin gingiva fixa (gums that are fixated on the bone structure) and loose gums - or gingiva libra in Latin. Contrary to fixed gums, this area can be moved with a probe. Studies show that having insufficient gingiva fixa leads to augmented plaque occurrence on the tongue side. In early days people believed that the absence of fixed gums was associated with gum recession, but this fact was never proved in medical studies. Good oral care prevents most complications, so it does not matter if fixed gums surround the tooth or not. It is important that you maintain your gums healthy by brushing your teeth on a daily basis, using mouthwash and having dental check-ups on a regular basis. Watch the video to learn more about the sulcus.
Produced: 04/2011