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“A surgeon recommends a dental implant, the endodontist recommends a root canal treatment, and the prosthodontist recommends the dental bridge.
But what would be the best for me now? Thanks to checkdent, I now understand the differences between these treatment options and have found the best solution for me.”
Neda Sommer

“I’ve been to different dentists, everyone wanted to treat my tooth gap differently. Thanks to checkdent, I now know that due to my dental fillings and my smoking, the dental bridge is the cheapest and most efficient solution to my dental problem.”

Patrick Fuhrman

“As a layman you have to believe everything and so I lost a tooth for a tooth. Through ceckdent I found out why I never got fillings on my lower front teeth and why I mostly got caries in the posterior area. I then changed my behavior and had my posterior teeth repaired with dental fillings that would last for decades, my dental troubles are now over! “

Agnes Ahmad