Frequently Asked Questions

Why is an image rejected?

It has nothing to do with you! The images just have to be of a certain size and quality so that the artificial intelligence can evaluate them (and/or the doctor). If the image does not meet these criteria, the system rejects it.

Where can I get an x-ray from?

In most countries, the dentist has to keep x-rays for a few years. So you can either ask him to send you the old saved picture, e.g. by e-mail, or you go to the dentist and have an up-to-date panoramic X-ray taken and take it with you. In a lot of countries insurances covers these costs.

What quality should the X-ray have?

The normally compressed JPG image from the dentist is good enough for analysis. The size should not be less than 1500px X 900px.

What do I do with the analysis and/or the therapy plan?

If everything is clear, then you can start with the tooth restoration as soon as it suits you. For this you have to look for a dentist who will advise you truthfully and objectively. It is best to arrange 3-4 appointments with different colleagues, with checkdent’s knowledge you will then be able to find the right one.

If something is unclear about the therapy plan, you can arrange a telephone conference, for example, and go through the findings with our doc.

Are the results 100% correct?

Nothing in life is 100%. Just as a dentist can make mistakes, AI can make mistakes too. The system is constantly being improved, but it is always good to remain critical and ask again if in doubt.
If something seems strange to you about the therapy plan, don’t lose your nerve, just contact us. If an error has crept in, then you can find most of them very easily.

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